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So, before today, I hadn't posted anything in awhile. But, I have a new macro lens for my DSLR, so it's photo time
More to come soon, especially of the jewelry.
Summer is good for being creative, I've got nothing better to do.

Aude Sapere

  • Watching: NCIS
  • Drinking: I wish.
Figured I should update this.  Uploading some new pictures from Vienna Berlin Prague trip.
Loving this semester, seeing way too much theatre, taking real classes, going to galleries.

Watching too much Hallmark channel, lots of SVU.

Embroidering, making some jewelry, reading craft blogs.

Election party was lovely, up all night to watch Obama's speech.

Yes we can!
  • Watching: Law & Order
  • Eating: Bread & Butter
Watching Heathers the other night was quite lovely.
The Crow is an amazing movie.
My life is rather dull right now because I'm between shows.
I miss having the time and opportunity to do art.
Costume renderings suck however.
Yes, this is random.
I'm sick of the snow outside.  I don't even remember what the quad looked like green.
I think I live at the stage.
Summer is rather boring.  I'm really exhausted.  Those darn children wear me out in the dance room at camp.  At least I don't have a group full time...just every child in the camp when they come to dance.
I think life would be better if it wasn't a mess.  But oh well, what can I do?
Time to start worrying about myself and my health. Let's see how that goes.
Aude Sapere
So I think I'm going to learn to try and use this thing.  I wonder if I'll learn to understand how to classify images... This post really serves no purpose.  O well.